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Promotional Requirements

Listed below are the Princeton Judo Club requirements for promotion. All requirements are cumulative. For example, for promotion to Junior Green Belt, a junior must be able to demonstrate all Yellow Belt, Orange Belt, and Green Belt techniques. Promotional testing usually occurs at the end of each semester.


For promotion beyond Sankyu, consult the USJF Rank Requirements. Promotion beyond Sankyu is achieved through competition at Hudson Yudanshakai promotionals and the annual East Coast Judo Championship.  All judoka must:

  1. Know how to fall (ukemi).

  2. Demonstrate knowledge of club rules and etiquette.

  3. Understand terminology, including the Japanese names of techniques.

  4. Assist in teaching those with lesser knowledge.

  5. Show initiative in and outside class by learning about judo.

  6. Treat all judoka and family members as Princeton Judo Club teammates.

  7. Be respectful at all times.


Requirements For Promotion To
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