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Senior Green Belt

General Requirements
  1. Good moral character and maturity.

  2. Regular practice and attendance.

  3. Minimum of 6 months time in grade.


General Knowledge
  1. Difference between judo and ju-jitsu.

  2. Knowledge of fundamental principles of judo (maximum efficiency).

  3. Improved degree of skill with lower rank requirements.


Ability To Demonstrate
  1. Throwing Techniques

    1. Seoi nage (shoulder throw)

    2. Tai otoshi (body drop)

    3. Kouchi gari (minor inner reaping throw)

    4. Uki goshi (floating hip throw)

  2. Holding Techniques

    1. Kami shiho gatame (upper four corner hold)

    2. Yoko shiho gatame (side four corner hold)

  3. General Techniques

    1. Demonstrate all throws from right and left side.


Tournament Experience

Multiple contest experience (2 or more competition). No contest wins required.

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