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Club Rules

Mutual welfare & benefit, one of the key principles of judo, means always showing respect and practicing safely in the dojo.



Respect Is Very Important

Know when a bow should be executed and perform it correctly.

  • Bow when entering or leaving the Dojo.

  • Bow when stepping on or off the mat.

  • Instructors and students bow to each other, in mutual respect, at the opening and closing of class.

  • Bow before and after working with a partner in class.

  • Bow to your opponent before and after a match in contest.

  • Bow when accepting an award, Take the award with both hands as you bow.

  • Bow to a SENSEI as he or she enters the Dojo.

  • Bow whenever you wish to give a demonstration of respect.

  • Bows should be performed with Respect and Humility. They should be slow and measured and never hurried.


Safety & Hygiene

Safety Is A Full Time Obligation

  • Never leave the Dojo without receiving permission from the instructor.

  • No food, drink or chewing of gum are allowed on the mat.

  • No non-judo activity is to take place during class time.

  • Report all injuries to the instructor immediately. When arriving at class with an injury, the instructor must be notified prior to the start of class.

  • Shoes are NEVER to be worn on the mat. However, you should have something on your feet [i.e. shoes, sandals] anytime you are off the mat.

  • Water bottles are permitted in designated area at mat-side. Water bottles are to have water or electrolyte beverages only.

  • Never come to class under the influence of illicit drugs or alcohol.

  • Members are to keep their Gis clean and in good repair. No holes or tears.

  • Finger and toenails are to be kept clean and trimmed to a reasonable length.

  • No jewelry or metal ornaments shall be worn during class unless specifically approved by the instructor.

  • Members without uniforms should not have anything in their pockets. Please wear loose fitting clothing and long sleeve sweatshirt.

  • No practicing of judo skills and techniques is allowed without permission of the instructor.

  • Spills are to be cleaned immediately. Trash should be placed in the proper container.

  • Blood must be cleaned up immediately using proper procedures and materials.


Etiquette & Protocol

Always Show Respect

  • Always address Black Belts as SENSEI.

  • Show respect to instructors and higher belts at all times.

  • New students and guests should always have a partner to work with.

  • Students are expected to sit in proper fashion when resting or listening to an instructor. Sit in ANZA or SEIZA.

  • Seek to help each other. Be responsible for your safety and that of others.

  • Higher-ranking students are to help lower ranking students adhere to all matters of protocol and etiquette.

  • Never talk while the instruction is taking place.

  • Never talk while in line-up. Stand still.

  • Arrive at class on time and mentally prepared for class. Strive to never miss practice.

  • Never leave the mat or Dojo without the permission of the instructor.

  • Always be courteous. Hot tempers or offensive language are not permitted and will not be tolerated.

  • If you know you will be absent from, or late for, a class, your instructor should be notified as soon as possible.

  • Always support club activities.

  • Always try! Never use the word “can’t.”

  • If you are late to class, wait for a SENSEI to give you permission to join the class.

  • Always treat your fellow judo players with respect and dignity and avoid all horseplay, which disturbs or bothers fellow judo players.


Behavior Outside The Dojo

Respect and Honor are Very Important!!!

Behave in a manner that will bring Respect and Honor to the club.

  • Judo is to be only practiced in the DOJO under the guidance of a qualified Judo Instructor.Your Judo skills should never be used outside of the DOJO except in legitimate self-defense situations. Do not attempt to impress your friends with your judo skills. Do not demonstrate judo in public unless it is part of a club activity or unless you have received prior permission from your Judo Instructor.

  • Judo techniques should not be taught to anyone unless they are under the guidance of a qualified Judo Instructor.

  • Any club member who starts a fight will be dismissed from the Judo Program.

  • Any club member who encourages an altercation between others will be dismissed from the Judo Program.


Behavior When Visiting Another Club

You Represent The Princeton Judo Club

Behave in a manner that will bring Respect and Honor to the Princeton Judo Club

  • Remove your shoes before entering a Dojo.

  • Introduce yourself and ask permission from the instructor to participate in class before changing into your Gi.

  • Be attentive. Never argue or disagree with the way techniques are taught or presented.

  • Do not show off.

  • Make sure you follow the Princeton Judo Club Rules and Regulations on bowing. Some clubs do not require bowing. No one will take offense if you bow and they do not.

  • Follow the rules and regulations of the Dojo you are visiting.

  • Always thank the club members you worked with for sharing and working with you.

  • Thank the instructor[s] for allowing you to participate.

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