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Senior Brown Belt (Ikkyu)

General Requirements
  1. Good moral character and maturity.

  2. Regular practice and attendance.

  3. Minimum of 6 months time in grade.


Ability To Demonstrate
  1. Throwing Techniques

    1. Sode tsurikomi goshi (sleeve lift pull hip throw)

    2. Sasae tsurikomi ashi (popping drawing ankle throw)

    3. Kata guruma (shoulder wheel)

  2. Choking Techniques

    1. Hadaka jime (naked choke)

    2. Kata ha jime (single wing choke)

  3. Joint Locks

    1. Hiza gatame (arm knee lock)

    2. Juji gatame (cross arm lock)

    3. Ashi garami (entangle leg lock)

  4. General Techniques

    1. Demonstrate two combination technique.

    2. Demonstrate two counter technique.

    3. Demonstrate all throws from right and left side.


Tournament Experience

Multiple contest experience (2 or more competition). Must have 10 points = 10 wins by Ippon.

Ippon includes win by throw, pin or submission. Each Ippon equals 1 point. Wins by wizari = ½ point.

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