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Senior Brown Belt (Sankyu)

General Requirements
  1. Good moral character and maturity.

  2. Regular practice and attendance.

  3. Minimum of 6 months time in grade.


General Knowledge
  1. Names, colors and order of “kyu” belt ranking system.

  2. Purpose and methods of “kata” and “randori”.


Ability To Demonstrate
  1. Throwing Techniques

    1. O uchi gari (major inner reaping throw)

    2. Harai goshi (sweeping hip throw)

    3. Okuri ashi barai (sweeping ankle throw)

    4. Ko soto gari (minor outer reaping throw)

  2. Holding Techniques

    1. Kuzure kami shiho gatame (modified upper four corner hold)

    2. Tate shiho gatame (vertical four corner hold)

  3. Choking Techniques

    1. Kata juji jime (half cross choke)

    2. Gyaku juji jime (reverse cross choke)

  4. General Techniques

    1. Demonstrate all throws from right and left side.


Tournament Experience

Multiple contest experience (2 or more competition). Must have 5 points = 5 wins by Ippon.


Ippon includes win by throw, pin or submission. Each Ippon equals 1 point. Wins by wizari = ½ point.

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