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Senior Yellow Belt

General Requirements
  1. Good moral character and maturity.

  2. Regular practice and attendance.

  3. Minimum of 6 months time in grade.


General Knowledge
  1. Basic judo etiquette.

  2. Basic judo hygiene.

  3. Purpose of breakfalls (ukemi).

  4. Correct forms of sitting, standing and kneeling.

  5. Correct fundamentals of:

    1. Gripping (kumi kata)

    2. Posture (shisei)

    3. Natural posture (shizenhontai)

    4. Defensive posture (jigohontai)

    5. Right defensive posture (migi jigotai)

    6. Left defensive posture (hidari jigotai)

  6. Basic fundamentals of throwing (kuzushi, tsururi and kake).

  7. Eight forms of unbalance.


Ability To Demonstrate
  1. Throwing Techniques

    1. O soto gari (major outer reaping throw)

    2. O goshi (major hip throw)

    3. De-ashi harai (advanced foot sweep)

    4. Hiza guruma (knee wheel throw)

  2. Holding Techniques

    1. Kesa gatame (cross chest hold)

    2. Kata gatame (shoulder hold)

  3. General Techniques

    1. Demonstrate all throws from right and left side.


Tournament Experience

Limited contest experience (1 competition). Familiarity with training exercises with emphasis on etiquette, rules and prohibited matters. No points required.

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